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ऑनलाइन उपलब्ध

Advanced Consultation & Healings

Get all your answers to whys and whats from past, present or future!

  • 30 मिनट
  • 3,100 Indian rupees
  • Online Audio/Video Call

सेवा का विवरण

Astrology is a truly mysterious science, however, our consultants unfold the mysteries around your unexplainable and unending difficulties flawlessly. You are just a consultation away to get surprised and truly amazed at what awaits you with this appointment. Our readings are a hit at the bull's eye, with which you not only understand the real karmic problem of the difficulties you're facing, but also how to deal with them the traditional vedic way. You are now able to know what is the cause of trouble and since when, how you can deal with it and create a future that you desire. This consultation provides you with time tested and effective remedies and support from various healings.

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