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Health Check & Diagnosis

Care about preventive checkup or a second opinion on existing ailment!

  • 30 मिनट
  • 3,100 Indian rupees
  • Online Audio/Video Call

सेवा का विवरण

Astrology is a world's well kept hidden secret, but not anymore. If you care to know about preventive health measures, we'll guide you to balance the doshas of your body. As per ayurveda, any ailment is result of food we eat and an imbalance in the three doshas, i.e. vaata, pitta, kapha. With our insights you'll be able to know the precise risks to your health, and thus you can lead a more conscious and healthy life. Our readings are not only effective as a preventive measure, but increasingly as effective as any second opinion of a professionally qualified doctor. Through the vedic wisdom of astrology, we unveil to you the precise body part, organ, fluid, tissue or cells that is causing your ailment. We also suggest you the most appropriate line of treatment that can cure you faster and heal you swiftly. The consultation includes meeting with our esteemed consultant along with an experienced doctor. Additionally, we also suggest remedial measures that'll enable you to attract positive godly energies to heal you much faster.

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